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Groz-Beckert Light Ball Embroidery Needles


Groz-Beckert Needles have been designed for high speed embroidery machines.

100 needles in a pack

The DBxK5 needle has a larger eye opening and helps reduce thread breaks. The Groz-Beckert chrome needle is an excellent all-purpose workhorse. Available in both light ballpoint and sharp point styles with a round shaft.

These needles have round shafts. They'll work in home machines if that machine can accept round shaft needles. Just rotate the 'scarf' to the correct position.

On Groz-Beckert packages....
R - Regular, round point - Shirts, trousers, various types of garments

RG - Round point with small ball point - Shirts, trousers, various types of garments
FFG/SES - Light Ball Point - T-shirts, underwear, fine sweaters 
FG - Medium ball point - Sweaters, lace, underwear, Schiflli embroidery

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